Honeybee Cloths - Sewing supplies for busy bees - free patterns - easy  to sew pre-cuts. Pretty cotton prints - fresh cut off the bolt, patterns & notions.

Sewing supplies for busy bees - free patterns - easy to sew pre-cuts - Pretty cotton prints - fresh cut off the bolt - patterns & notions.

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Sewing supplies for busy bees, easy to sew pre-cuts. Pretty cotton prints, fresh cut off the bolt, patterns & notions.
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Take a simple applique motif, a few left-over pieces of cloth, an hour or two of sewing, and you have yourself some Cosy Cat coasters! These sweet little coasters are so quick and easy to make, in just a couple of hours you can make a batch – they’re the purrfect present for feline-loving friends!


For each coaster you will need:

Two squares 12.5cm x 12.5cm of cotton fabric

One piece of cotton fabric (for the kitty) approx 8cm x 10cm

13.5 x 13.5cm square of wadding

Bondaweb or iron-on interfacing (optional)

Embroidery floss and a reel of cotton.



Pencil, Scissors, Ruler, Pins, Needle, Sewing machine (optional), Iron. Downloadable pattern and instructions here






















1.Print out the “Cosy cats” pattern and  instructions here (.pdf file)

Place the bondaweb smooth side up, on top of the pattern, and using a pencil, trace around the outline of the cat.


When tracing the pattern onto the bondaweb or iron-on interfacing, the cat on the completed coaster will be a mirror-image of the cat traced. Please bear in mind when choosing which kitty to trace.




2.Place bondaweb rough side down on the wrong side of fabric chosen for kitty. Press for 10 seconds with a hot iron, until the bondaweb sticks to the fabric.


TIP Place a clean tea towel underneath, and on top of bondaweb to prevent the bondaweb from sticking to the iron or ironing board.




3.Cut out the cat motif, carefully following the outline drawn on the bondaweb.








4.Peel off the paper backing and position the motif in the centre of the square of fabric, right sides upwards.


Press for 10 seconds with a hot iron, until the bondaweb sticks to the fabric.  







5.Using a water-erasable pen or chalk pencil, mark the eyes, nose, tail and leg, as marked on the pattern.


Hand sew or machine close to the raw edge, right the way around the motif.  Hand sew eyes, nose, whiskers, tail and leg

– the front of your coaster is now complete!





6.Pin layers together in following order:

Place front of coaster on top of wadding.

Place back of coaster on top of front of coaster, right sides together.

Pin round the edges to hold the layers together.






7.Sew 0.5cm from edge, leaving an opening approx. 2.5cm wide along one side, through which to turn inside out.


Before turning inside out, remember to carefully snip off each corner, taking care not to cut through the seam.





8.Once the coaster has been turned right side out, shape into a neat square and press. Sew using an overstitch or slipstitch to close the opening.


Topstitch right the way round the edge of the coaster.




Pop the kettle on, find your favourite mug….    

                     your Cosy Cat coaster is now ready for use!    





We'd love to see the things you make from our supplies, please share your photos on Honeybee Cloths flickr group



Honeybeelogo_160x141px Step 1 - Trace pattern Step 2 Press Step 3 Cut Out Step 4 - Position Step 5 - Sew Step 6 - 3 layers Step 7 sew Step 8 topstitch Cosy Cat coaster by Honeybee Cloths
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