Honeybee Cloths - Sewing supplies for busy bees - free patterns - easy  to sew pre-cuts. Pretty cotton prints - fresh cut off the bolt, patterns & notions.

Sewing supplies for busy bees - free patterns - easy to sew pre-cuts - Pretty cotton prints - fresh cut off the bolt - patterns & notions.

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Sewing supplies for busy bees, easy to sew pre-cuts. Pretty cotton prints, fresh cut off the bolt, patterns & notions.
Camera white large Honey_bunny by Honeybee_Cloths 10. Cottontail (2)

1. Prepare the pieces

Trace pattern pieces onto the smooth side of iron on interfacing, you'll need to trace pattern pieces 3, 4 & 5 twice. Mark dots as on pattern.

Then flip interfacing over and trace pattern piece 1, 3, 4 & 5 onto the rough side of the interfacing, tracing pieces 3, 4 & 5 twice.


Iron interfacing to wrong side of Snuggles, and cut out the pattern pieces. 0.5cm seam allowance is included in the pattern.



2. Joining the body sections

Sew body sections (piece 1) together as marked on pattern, beginning at the nose. Snip curves, taking care not to snip through seam.






3. Prepare the ears

Sew matching ear sections (pattern piece 3) right sides together, leaving 0.5cm seam allowance. Snip curves, making sure not to snip through seams. Turn right side out.





Pinch the bottom of each ear together and tack. Pin ear to body section (piece 1) matching dots. Make sure the fold of ear is to the back of head (as shown in picture). Baste. Repeat for remaining ear and body section.








4. Inserting the gusset

Pin gusset (piece 2) to body right side together and matching dots, taking care to move the ears away from this seam, so they don't get caught up in the seam. Sew leaving 0.5 cm seam allowance,


Repeat for the remaining body section, taking care to move the ears away from the seam, so they don't get caught up in the seam.



Snip curved sections and turn right side out. Pulling the ears through the opening.


Stuff using a toy filling, and slipstitch to close the opening.





5. Making the arms and legs

Sew matching arm (piece 4) and leg (piece 5) sections right sides together, leaving 0.5cm seam allowance.


Clip curves, making sure not to snip through seams. and turn right side out. Using the end of a pencil, push the filling right to the tips of arms and legs. Slipstitch to close the opening.



6. Making the cottontail

Cut out the bunny's tail (piece 6) from white wool felt or similar soft white material. Using strong sewing thread sew right the way round the circle 5mm (1/4") from the edge. Gently pull the thread to make a "yo-yo" (see photo). Tie ends of thread securely.


Pad yo-yo lightly with toy filling.




7. Putting the pieces together

Pin arms and legs in position, then using a length of doubled thread for added strength, make short overstitches to attach the arms and legs to body.


Pin cottontail in position, and sew to body.




8. Eyes and nose

Using a long darning needle and a 30cm (12") length of floss (6 strands), embroider the eyes and nose.


Make the knot on the outside of the bunny, where the eye is to be sewn, then make 4-5 satin stitches approx 5mm (1/8") wide over the knot to conceal it.  


Push needle from the eye through the bunny, to the tip of the nose, and make 3 stitches approx 7mm in length, so each stitch lies along a seam.


From the tip of the nose, push the needle through the bunny to where the second eye is to be sewn. Once the second eye is sewn secure the thread by making a couple of close together "locking" stitches.

Finally push the needle into the bunny, and out so it reappears an inch behind the eye. Pulling thread tight, and snip close to body, so the end disappears back into the body.



9. Making the little cotton dress

To make front of dress sew bottom border (small rectangle) to dress (large rectangle) RST along long edge. Press seam open. Repeat to make back of dress.


Place front and back of dress RST, matching horizontal seam and sew side seams, beginning at the bottom edge, and stopping 5cm (2")short of the top edge (as shown in the photo.)


Turn and sew a narrow hem along the top edge of both front and back pieces. Sew a narrow hem around armholes. To complete, turn the bottom border up, and hem. Turn dress right side out.



10. Your Bunny is nearly complete!

Place bunny inside dress and sew front and back together at shoulders. Make a small tuck in the front of the neckline to fit to bunny



Happy springtime!




We'd love to see the bunnies you make from this pattern, please share your photos on Honeybee Cloths flickr group or on Twitter @honeybeecloths.


Happy sewing x

Honeybeelogo_160x141px 3. arms 4. legs 2. Honey bunny_Ears 1. Body 5. body gusset 6. Putting pieces together 7. Cotton shift 8. Eyes nose Dress inside out 5. body ears Yo yo 2 Yo yo 1 5. body_turn right side

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Honey bunny sewing_project by Dawn_Honeybee Cloths Honey bunny cutting layout

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